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what we do


With a background in Tech diving that includes course development, books, and articles, (aided by professional imaging equipment) we capture high-definition stills  video and stories at depths exceeding recreational dive  limits and under complex dive situations. 


who we are


Shlomi Palnitsky
Born 1971 , holds a first degree in Logistics & Economics (Bar Ilan University) and a second degree in National Security Management (Haifa University). Diving since 1990 and Certified as CCR and Tech. Diving Instructor. Currently leads   TIDF's Tech course development activities.


Dan Ashkenazi​
Founder of H2O , the Israeli Tech Forum. Writer / UW photographer with materials published in Dive magazines, and websites. Contributor to several diving books published by the Israeli Diving Federation. Diving since 1984, Certified as CCR & full Trimix Tech diver, (ANDI, GUE, UTD) & Dive Instructor (SSI).

No credo and no credit either. Having said that,  when it comes to diving education and
knowledge, we sometimes work for free.

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